About Pioneer

At Pioneer we take the time to invest in relationships and see them as the foundation on which everything else is built. Some of our young people will have had early experiences that lead them to behave in particular ways to protect themselves from harm. Others have learned to behave in a manner that creates a sense of self-worth. 
Others are still at a younger emotional age than their chronological age may suggest. We see behaviour as a form of communication and well learned responses. We work hard to understand the causes of social, emotional and mental health issues and develop support for the child or young person holistically through a plan involving expertise from across a range of staff. We ensure our young people feel safe and secure, making them feel welcome and wanted as part of a school community. Warmth, humour and unconditional regard are inherent aspects of our provisions.


 Who might benefit from a Pioneer referral?

  • Disengaged/disaffected pupils

  • Pupils struggling with transitions e.g. KS2 to KS3

  • Pupils at risk of exclusion

  • Pupils with mental health/trauma difficulties

  • Family/social difficulties

  • Poor attendance

  • Literacy/numeracy difficulties

  • Bullying/difficulty with peers

  • Pupils with complex needs including ADHD, ASC and Attachment Disorder


 What can Pioneer offer?

  • 6 week intervention programme with additional pre-assessment & reintergration opportunities

  • Support in a small group

  • Highly trained, specialist teaching and TA input

  • Access to trained therapists as part of a multi-agency approach

  • Input from PSA

  • Access to partner organisations e.g. Routeways and Plymouth Parkour

  • Theme based learning in core and foundation subjects through STEM.

  • Access to the broader curriculum encompassing music, art and PSHE, which provides holistic support and promotes resilience

  • A 4 week parenting group for the parents/carers of each child

  • CPD for accompanying staff in areas such as environment, therapeutic support and communication.

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